Tinder Use Increases 50% In Phoenix Over Super Bowl Weekend


Ahead of last night’s Super Bowl, activity on Tinder in the hosting city jumped by over 50%.

As football fans prepared for the game in Phoenix, and travelled into the city, the rate of swiping increased by over half its normal level, according to Tinder representatives.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, they said this increase was seen within 20m of Phoenix.

In addition to this, messaging activity on the dating app went up by 60%.

However this increase was weighted towards more male activity – the ratio of men to women on the app in Phoenix sitting at 66 to 34.

Around 300,000 visitors were expected to be travelling into the city for the Super Bowl.

The story, which was retweeted by Match Group CEO Sam Yagan, was reported in the build up to the Super Bowl, and Tinder use was expected to keep rising throughout the weekend.