How Deep Is Your Love? Dating Site Launched For ‘Small’ Men


For those who thought every possible dating niche had been dreamed up, we give you – the dating site for men with small penises.

That’s right, DinkyOne is a site for the unsung unhung, strictly for men with below average-sized penises.

The site says the global average erect penis length is about 5.5 inches, and “if your penis is less than this you are eligible to join us”, although there was no mention of a verification system.

The company behind the site, Platform Dating, said: “The adult side of the internet is full of adverts for penis products making normal men feel that they need to improve the size of their penis to some unrealistic dimension.

“Did you know the average erect penis size is 5.5 inches? Did you know that to some women size doesn’t matter?”

TooDinky hopes that poorly-endowed men, and “women who prefer it that bit smaller” will flock to the site.

So will any men be brave enough to sign up? Will women join them? Has Platform Dating stumbled on a genius niche, or is this the day niche dating finally jumped the shark.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.