HiDine Is ‘Sugar Daddy Lite’ for Food Lovers


The concept of sugar-daddies is hardly a new one, especially in the world of online dating. 

New site HiDine.com bridges the gap between generic online-dating and getting a free meal, branding itself as “sugar daddy lite”.

HiDine’s “exclusive community” provides a socially-acceptable environment where men can essentially buy women’s affections with dinner at their favourite restaurant. 

Directed at food lovers, the site aims to show the world that “Chivalry is Alive”, even to the extent that it seems women do not have to pay for membership, but men do. 

Unlike other dating sites, HiDine works on the idea that you only have to pay once you have secured a date. 

The thought behind this being that it shows commitment on your part, and doesn’t require you to pay for fruitless months of searching. 

Although only launched earlier this year, the site has already attracted controversy. 

The site comes at a time when a woman from Toronto made the news after admitting to only accepting “dates” due to the fact she gets a meal out of the arrangement. 

Yet HiDine promotes a more outdated view, its website saying that as a woman “You spend enough time and money on clothes, shoes, hair styling, and beauty products”, and therefore either cannot afford or are reluctant to pay for a meal. 

“Girls can say they’re okay with splitting,” HiDine founder Kyle McGinnis told The Cut. 

“But I think they do appreciate it when a guy acts like a gentleman”.

Visit the site here.