BeehiveID Gives Profile Authenticity Score


TangoWire has become the first to use BeehiveID, a new ID verification technology.

BeehiveID builds up a picture of a user’s authenticity by combing through their interactions on social media and by using biometric face matching technologies.

It also uses semantic text analysis, machine learning, sentiment analysis and temporal profiling in order to recognise the patterns of fake and real profiles.

BeehiveID’s CEO and co-founder Mary Haskett said: “In the physical world, robbers wear masks. But on the internet, people who intend to commit fraud wear fake identities. 

“Real people have a complex web of online connections through interactions such as Facebook likes, Tweets, check-ins, and uploaded photographs. These complex interactions cannot be faked by fraudsters.”

Users simply click a button on a profile page and receive an “identity score in real time”.

These range from a low score of 400, which suggests the account is fake, to a high score of 850 which suggests the profile is real. 

Bryan Brown, CEO of TangoWire – the first company to use the technology – said: “Since we launched BeehiveID, we’ve seen a 21% increase in the number of members participating in the verification process. 

“This is significant because it clearly demonstrates that trust has a substantial impact on participation. 

“We’ve also seen a 30% increase in the number of subscribers who are being successfully verified.”

BeehiveID is an Austin, Texas, company which recently graduated from the Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure startup program. 

TangoWire is a based in Seattle, Washington and has a network of 3,500 websites.

Find out more about BeehiveID here.