OkCupid Adds New Open Relationship Feature


OkCupid has just opened its services up to non-monogamous communities, by adding a new feature to help polyamorous couples find new partners.

The feature allows users who describe themselves as in an “open relationship”, “seeing someone” or “married” on the platform to connect their profiles, and begin a search for potential partners together.

It was first launched in beta in December, and was made available to all users last Friday.

According to The Atlantic, OkCupid added the new setting after noticing a rise in the number of users who list themselves as in an open relationship on the app.

OkCupid’s research revealed that 24% of its users say they are “seriously interested” in group sex, and 42% would consider dating someone who is in an open or polyamorous relationship.

OkCupid says that both of these figures have increased by 8% in the last five years.

The company also found that its number of strictly monogamous users has dropped to 44%, down from 56% in 2010.

OkCupid’s chief producer officer, Jimena Almendares told The Atlantic: “It seems that now people are more open to polyamory as a concept.

She added: “Finding your partner is very important. You should have the option to express specifically and exactly who you are and what you need.”

Last month, the company launched the latest version of its iOS app, adding new features designed to make it easier for singles to assess their compatibility with other users.

Download OkCupid from the App Store here.

Danielle White

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