Samsung And Google Ban Gay Dating App In South Korea

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Samsung and Google have banned Hornet, the world’s most popular gay dating app from South Korea, according to a recent article by BuzzFeed News.

A memo sent from Samsung to the CEO of Hornet, Sean Howell which outlined the ban was shared with BuzzFeed News.

It states that South Korean Google Play users are now unable to use Hornet, “due to the local moral values or laws, content containing LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi sexual, Transgender) is not allowed”.

The app is currently unavailable for download in a number of countries worldwide, including Argentina, Iceland, Syria and now, South Korea.

The article reveals that this is not the first gay dating app to be banned in South Korea, Samsung’s largest user base.

It is believed by LGBT activists that a few years ago, Google Play blocked Jack’d, which at the time was South Korea’s most popular gay app.

This came as a shock to the app’s developer, as Google was said to have deleted the app from the Google Play before notifying Jack’d.

When asked about Jack’d by BuzzFeed News, Google declined to comment.

Jack’d had over 500,000 users in South Korea prior to its removal.

A Transparency Report by Google stated that it had removed 293 apps for the Play store in the latter half of 2012 due to a request of Korean Games Rating Board.

They did not specify which apps were included in the cull.

The article says that Korean LGBT activists have fought hard for their rights in the country.

In light of this most recent step backwards, activists expect their fight will get even harder.

For the full BuzzFeed article, click here.

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