15% Of Swedish Online Daters End Up Cohabiting Or Marrying


A new report into the online habits of Swedish people has found that 15% of online daters have had success from a dating service.

Conducted by the Swedish Internet Foundation (IIS), the research found that 11% of internet users have used online dating in the past year, and almost a third of 16-25-year-olds in Sweden use online dating.

And in total, 15% of respondents said online dating had led to cohabitation or marriage.

Elsewhere, the study found that internet use was widespread in the country, even among the oldest age groups.

The research discovered that in 2017, 56% of people aged 76 and over are web users, and a fifth use a mobile phone to go online.

And rather amazingly, the IIS found that people are using the internet earlier and earlier – 79% of Swedish children aged two years old using the internet, a figure that rises to 98% by age six.

For those aged two to three, 81% go online with a tablet.

In terms of popular social platforms, Instagram is the second most popular after Facebook, with 97% of girls aged 12 to 15 using the photo-sharing platform.

Overall, the IIS found that almost 100% of people in Sweden have access to the internet.

Måns Jonasson, a digital strategist at IIS, said: “There we can say that we have largely succeeded in digitalization in Sweden.

“We no longer believe that there is anyone who can not use the internet because they don’t have the option to.

“Those who do not use the internet are the very oldest who have made an active choice.”

The report, Swedes and the Internet, is Sweden’s biggest survey of internet use in the country, and has been running since 2000.

Read more about the study here.