Launching ‘Love Your Imperfections’ Campaign With Un-Branded Tube Adverts

matchloveyourimperfectionsmatchloveyourimperfections are prepping a clever new advertising campaign, encouraging Brits to #LoveYourImperfections.

The initial campaign will run for two weeks on London Underground tubes, and comes in the form of un-branded pictures of a person detailing their imperfection, and giving a number.

The messages include anything from having “two left feet”, to not being a morning person, or finding it hard to be funny.

The ads encourage people with matching imperfections to call the number, which when dialled will put them through to an automated phone message telling them “if they don’t like their imperfections someone out there will”, and offering a free three day trial to

After the initial un-branded two week run, the ads will be replaced with branded versions that include the company’s logo and the hashtag #LoveYourImperfections.


Following this, have created a series of 30 and 10 second ad spots for British TV, which will launch on Christmas Eve and run into January.

The Christmas Eve ad shows a man who is late and rushing to a date, “worried this will ruin his chances, [but] she finds this endearing.”

Karl Gregory, Country Manager for UK said: “This campaign is a real turning point for us. We know that the prospect of going on a date with someone can be a little daunting and people often put pressure on themselves to come across as perfect.

“Our insights tell us that in actual fact, there is no such thing as perfect and there are many little ‘imperfections’ that people find endearing.

“We want our new brand campaign to really challenge the UK’s perception of perfection so we are calling on the British public to change their idea of perfect for 2015 and celebrate their imperfections.” are also adding a profile box to their dating site, letting people detail their own imperfections.