Older Generations Turning To Tinder in 2014


Tinder use amongst older generations is increasing, according to new figures.

More and more people over 35 have started downloading and using the app in 2014.

Since April, the number of users between 35 and 44 has doubled from 6.5% to 12%, according to figures from The Times.

And around 3% of the app’s users are now between the age of 45 and 54.

In February, former Tinder CMO Justin Mateen revealed a change in their demographics – the 18-24 group that used to make up 90% of their user base had dropped to 51%.

He said that 8.5% of users were older than 35, but this number has increased since then.

Speaking to The Times, dating blogger and technology writer Willard Foxton explained what older generations like about the app: “It’s frictionless. That’s why people like to use it so much.

“It always takes the older generation a bit of time to catch on to new technology, so the increase in users for the 35 to 44 age group is probably because of that.

“The 35-year-olds are the last digital immigrants, the last age group who were adults before the internet was properly mainstream.”

Last month, Tinder revealed that people spend on average 90 mins swiping through the app every day.

Users log in 11 times a day, and a single session on the app lasts around 8.5 minutes for women, and 7.2 minutes for men.

They are also releasing their long-awaited premium service this month, which lets users undo an accidental swipe, and change your location to browse overseas singles.

See the promotional trailer here: