More Concerns Over Under-18s On Hook-Up Apps


Child internet safety groups have issued further warnings about under-18s using hook-up apps.

On Internet Safety Day, GlobalDatingInsights published a report about the growing worries regarding children using apps designed for over-18s.

The National Crime Agency and the NSPCC issued warnings about this trend, having received a huge increase in complaints about online grooming.

A recent article by Voice of Russia speaks to cyberbullying charity Cybersmile, and child internet safety non-profit Childnet International, who echo these worries.

They reference a recent quote by Tinder CMO Justin Mateen following their Tech Crunch award win, who said that 7% of the app’s users are under-18, but assured that “they can only see each other, so it’s pretty safe”.

However as shown by the recent lawsuit filed against MeetMe, there are serious worries about predators inputting false DOBs in order to target young users.

Voice of Russia spoke to Will Gardner, chief executive officer of Childnet International, who said:

“With sites like this it is really important you put your correct age in as this site is an app that is based on your social networking profile. 

“Children of all ages have mobile phones and we’re seeing it tumble down the age range — tens and under have their own phones. 

“That’s the world we live in and it does makes parental supervision harder because children can access the internet whenever. 

“But it makes it all the more important to equip children and young people with the rules of the world and how to stay safe online and to make good decisions.”

Read the Voice of Russia article here, and read GDI’s report Warnings Over Children Using Hook-Up Apps.