3nder Rebrands To Feeld After Legal Action From Tinder

Threesome dating app 3nder has rebranded to Feeld.

The change comes after mobile dating leader Tinder filed a lawsuit against the London-based startup over similarities between their names.

And with the lawsuit ongoing, 3nder today announced it was rebranding to Feeld: Discover the Undiscovered, as it also launches on Android.

Speaking about the new name, the founder of Feeld, Dimo Trifonov, said: “Feeld is inspired by endless curiosity and growth. Technology evolves faster than society but humans and love are not stagnant creatures.

“We live in a world where people desire free movement, open ideas, and flexible minds. We celebrate these values in all other areas of our life – so why not in the most personal sense – sexuality?”


In May, 3nder announced it had been ordered to cease operations by Match Group-owned Tinder, who said its named infringed Tinder’s trademark and could cause possible “confusion” between the two dating services.

In a letter sent to the startup last December, when the legal action officially started, Match Group lawyers said the brand’s name and logo were both designed to remind users of Tinder, especially with regards to the pronunciation of 3nder.

In May, founder & CEO Trifonov released a statement saying that 3nder’s “mission and values could not be more distinct from those of Tinder.”

The CEO also said he thought Tinder was coming after the startup because of 3nder’s “sudden market growth”, the app having received investment of $500,000 from two angel investors last October.

However now, the company has decided to rebrand, with Trifonov saying in a statement:

“A future rebrand has always been part of my long term thinking for the company. Early on it was clear 3nder was more than just an app for threesomes.

“Feeld is a place where people feel free to explore along their personal boundaries. With a highly vocal Android waitlist, it makes sense to rebrand the entire company to better express our position.”


The app previously know as 3nder, which is for “curious, open-minded singles and couples”, has seen over 1.57m iOS downloads since launching in July 2014, a figure that has increased by 65% over the last year.

Trifonov and the Feeld team expect this number to see a big increase with its Google Play Store launch, because the app has 78,000 people on its Android waiting list.

The founder also said Feeld sees 600 matches an hour, and members send 3m messages a month on the platform.

With regards to the on-going lawsuit, Feeld said it “never sought to be associated with Tinder” and is fighting both claims.

Feeld is currently available on iOS and Android.

Simon Edmunds

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