Tinder Survey Finds Less LGBTQ+ Stigma in India

Tinder has been surveying members of the LGBTQ+ community to gain some insight into how their dating lives have changed over the past few years.

The resulting data put an added focus on the Indian responses, where 70% of people believed there was less stigma around the community compared to five years ago.

This change in attitudes could be attributed to the historic Section 377 ruling last year, which overturned a previous law that criminalised gay sex. Further, 44% of the participants think online dating has made it easier for them to be themselves, while 47% feel happy about identifying as LGBTQ+.

44% of the Indian people surveyed also feel comfortable kissing in public, compared to the 57% of worldwide respondents.

Tinder said in an accompanying statement: “Gender identity and sexuality is complex and personal. It’s more than a box you check, it’s who you are. We believe our users are best to choose for themselves.”

In November it added 23 new gender options which allows Indian singles to select the identity and sexual preference that they most closely identify with. Users in other global markets already had approximately 37 options to choose from.

There have been some concerns that online dating platforms have made it easier for gangs to target non-heterosexual people. They have been physically and emotionally harassed by people they met online, or attacked by groups that tracked them down using the in-app GPS features.

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