70% of Singles Looking for Serious Relationships, Says eharmony Report

eharmony has released its first ever Singles & Desirability study to offer some insight into what modern Americans are looking for from their online dating experience.

The results were assembled from surveys that were completed by just over 1,000 singletons across the US.

It found that 70% are actively looking for serious relationships, rather than casual ones, despite some studies suggesting that millennials are delaying marriage.

Honesty was rated as the most desirable trait (54%), ahead of being kind and considerate (44%). Being physically attractive was joint-third.

Dr. Seth Meyers, eharmony’s relationships expert, said in a statement: “The data illustrates how Americans have shifted their priorities when it comes to lasting love.

“Instead of identifying physical attractiveness as the most important factor in dating, millennial women are leading the way in showing that finding an intellectual and emotional partner is just as important, if not more.”

Singles also appear to be looking for someone with a caring job. Being a doctor/nurse, teacher or veterinarian were the most desired professions.

Men have a strong interest in food when it comes to choosing a new partner, with 34% wanting someone who enjoys eating out and 29% looking for cooking and baking skills. 31% of women want a partner who is proficient at doing handiwork around the house.

In its 2018 Future of Dating Report, eharmony estimated that 70% of romantic relationships will begin online by the year 2040.

View the full report here.

Dominic Whitlock

Dominic is the Editor for Global Dating Insights. Originally from Devon, England he achieved a BA in English Language & Linguistics from The University of Reading. He enjoys a variety of sports and has a further passion for film and music.

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