Affairs Dating: The Fake Dating App That Saves Marriages

Affairs Dating is a fake dating brand that prompts unfaithful spouses to reconsider having an affair. The latest platform from dating entrepreneur David Minns, Affairs Dating was created to salvage relationships, unite families, and prevent heartbreak.

From the outside, Affairs Dating seems like a dating platform that fosters infidelity and cheating in relationships. However, once users attempt to sign up, they are redirected to a wealth of valuable guidance and advice from a team of world-class relationship experts. 

The hope is that some readers will seek to address their relationship issues through these resources, ultimately avoiding the path of joining an affairs dating site.

Affairs Dating designed to mimic the appearance and experience of a genuine dating site. However, it never explicitly claims to be a dating platform; any such assumption on the visitor’s part is purely a misunderstanding.

David Minns, the founder of multiple dating sites, shared his motivation for creating Affairs Dating:

“While I’ve created some of the most unconventional dating sites in existence, they all prioritise openness and consent. I’ve never offered people an option to openly seek affairs, as it has always made me uncomfortable. Affairs Dating was conceived as a means to aid in preserving existing relationships.”

Some of his other dating projects include Dinky One: Dating for people with a below average penis size; Butterfly Dating: Transgender dating that puts trans people first; and Desperate Dating: Dating for people who have been single for too long.

You can find out more about Affairs Dating by visiting its website here. 

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