Age Profiles of Top Dating Brand Users


In its coverage of the Facebook entry into online dating, has published a host of statistics on the age profiles of different dating brands.

The information is used to help predict which demographics Facebook may seek to target when its service launches.

It comes from 2016 SurveyMonkey Intelligence data, originally posted on Medium.

On Tinder, around 52% of users are 18-29, 38% are 30-49, and 10% are 50+.

On Grindr, around 30% are 18-29, around 42% are 35-49, and 28% are 50+.

For Bumble. around 63% of users are 18-29, 31% are 30-49, and 6% are 50+.

Zoosk serves an older group: around 8% are 18-29, 47% are 30-49, and 45% are 50+.

Similarly, on close to 12% are 18-29, 46% are 30-49, and 42% are 50+.

OKCupid results show 24% are 18-29, around 53% are 30-49, and 23% are 50+.

Plenty of Fish has around 20% of users aged 18-29, 54% are 30-49, and 26% are 50+.

On eHarmony, around 36% are 18-29, 39% are 30-49, and 25% are 50+.

On happn, around 49% are 18-29, 45% are 30-49, and 6% are 50+.

There is early speculation that Facebook Dating will target the over 30s for meaningful relationships – the introductory presentation used the profile of a woman aged 36.

The Telegraph has already run the headline: “Facebook dating isn’t for you – it’s for your parents”.

The author of the Verdict analysis says “Facebook’s take on dating appears, at first glance, to be decidedly old-fashioned”.

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