Badoo Product Analyst Talks Data and Dating

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Weiting Xu, Product Analyst at dating app Badoo, has discussed the role of data in dating in an interview with V3.

She says that when she joined Badoo, the company was making a lot of judgement calls and not making the most of the data-driven insights that were available to it:

“Now we A/B test everything: every design change and feature… and obviously we’re doing data science and a lot of modelling and algorithms to optimise our payments.

“Really, in every area that you can think of, there’s some kind of data involved”.

One example of a data-driven product innovation is the range of ways in which users can start conversations on Badoo.

Xu explains that having users send winks as well as messages helped as an icebreaker in testing, and that singles are more likely to reply to messages of this kind.

Xu has worked with Zoopla and Shazam in the past. She will speak at Computing’s Data Management & Analytics Live! conference next month.

“My talk is going to be about some of the in-house tools that we’ve used, how they help to improve the business and improve our own lives in day-to-day work,” she says.

“I’m going to talk about some of the challenges that we faced, and some of the problems that we were trying to solve.”

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