‘Beender’ Blocked From Registering Trademark Over Tinder Similarities

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) has concluded that an app developer will not be allowed to register ‘Beender’ due to its phonetic similarities with Tinder.

Pooria Shahin attempted to submit the name of his networking app which is advertised as ‘digital business card’. The idea is for users to reconnect with people they’ve met in person for dating, friendship or professional purposes.

Match Group took issue with the app’s name because of the way it rhymes with its flagship product. 

A three-person panel from the TTAB sided with the Dallas-based dating company and said the average consumer may get confused about whether or not the two products are related. However, they also stated that there was no danger of Tinder’s market share being diluted.

Match Group also opened a patent-infringement lawsuit against muzmatch last week, alleging that the company was copying the design of its products.

The dating and social app for Muslims is accused of using the “draggable-card-based, mutual opt-in app interface” made famous by Tinder. muzmatch’s similar colour scheme and name is being called into question as well.

Elsewhere, a patent protection filing for the ‘Swipe Night’ feature was submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization. According to Gratis Dating Tips, Tinder wants to protect the interactive way that users were matched based on their shared digital experiences.

The ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ series allowed users to guide the story based on decisions they personally made for the main characters. After the episodes concluded, they were able to talk to others who had made similar choices.

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Dominic Whitlock

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