Bing Ads Launches Two New Targeting Pilot Programs

Bing Ads

Bing Ads recently introduced a set of new targeting tools to help advertisers reach their best customers.

The two new pilot offerings are In-Market Audiences and Customer Audiences, both “focused directly on helping customers reach their ideal audience.”

The first, which is currently being piloted in the US, builds lists of users who have been identified as interested in a particular purchase, based on user signals across Bing, MSN and other Microsoft services.

When these lists are associated to ad groups, advertisers can target and modify bids for these audiences, as with Remarketing in Paid Search lists.

Bing has so far created 14 In-Market Audiences lists, which include categories like Apparel/Clothing, Occasions & Gifts/Gifts, Internet & Telecom/Telecom and Travel & Tourism/Accommodations.

Bing Ads

As Bing explains: “Say you’re a travel site looking to target searchers who are ready to book a summer vacation. Bing Ads looks for people who are clicking on ads related to hotels and flights, searching for relevant vacation terms, or checking out hotel reviews, for example, and predicts whether these users are ready to buy.

“Users identified as likely to purchase are included in the Travel & Tourism/Accommodations In-Market Audience, which you can associate to your ads.  Since you know these people are more likely to book a vacation, you could increase your bid, for example, to help you capture this valuable audience.”

The second pilot, available globally, is Custom Audiences, which is a type of remarking list that is generated using an advertiser’s own customer data.

After an advertiser connects its data platform manager into Bing’s new Custom Audiences feature, they can import their Custom Audiences segments into Bing Ads for search remarketing.

Once imported, advertisers can then target audiences that have been built using their own customer data, such as purchase history, subscription renewals or lifetime value.

Bing Ads

To get access to the Custom Audiences pilot program, advertisers must be using Adobe Audience Manager as its data platform manager.

To find out more, Bing recommends contacting your Bing Ads account manager.