YouGov Looks At Difference Between Customers Of Zoosk, & eHarmony


New data from YouGov looks at the difference between the users of three dating sites –, Zoosk and eHarmony.

The international market research firm aimed to do this by building a picture of the users of each dating site by recording their responses to a series of unrelated questions.

The first revolved around flirting on social media, asking current and former customers of each dating site whether they agreed with the statement: “I use social media for flirting and dating”.

YouGov online dating
YouGov found that 23% of Zoosk users agreed with this statement, compared to 15% of customers and 12% of eHarmony members.

This is in comparison to 11% of the general public who agreed with the statement.

The UK-based research firm also sought to dig deeper into each dating site’s customer profile by asking questions on experimenting with food, interacting with neighbours and how they spend their leisure time.

YouGov online dating
In terms of what else linked the online daters, YouGov said: “They’re all more likely than the general public to find controversial or taboo subjects funny, and need time alone to recharge after being in a group setting. They’re also more likely to show interest in starting their own business.

“Most importantly, perhaps, users of Zoosk,, and eHarmony all report higher rates of self-identifying as hopeless romantics.”

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