Brits to Spend £3.4 Billion on Dating in 2018


New research from eHarmony has found that single Britons will collectively spend 329 million hours and over £3.4 billion on dating in 2018.

Divided up across the single population, the amount comes to just under £250 per head.

Of this, £2 billion and 96 million hours will be spent on bad dates. Bad dates will leave singles feeling disheartened (16%), self-conscious (12%) and depressed (13%).

10% of survey respondents felt that ‘binge dating’ – going out with as many partners as possible – was a good way to find love.

51% of singles, meanwhile, don’t expect that they will date at all this year.

“While we know there are lots of individuals out there dating this time of year, our research suggests that many singles yearn for more meaningful experiences,” says eharmony relationship expert Rachael Lloyd.

“It’s also entirely plausible that the modern culture of so-called ‘binge dating’ could be impacting on the quality of the experiences people have.

“Before going on a date it’s worth stepping back and considering who you are and the kind of person you’re likely to be suited to.

“A scattergun approach to finding love is rarely rewarding, with 16% of singles saying no matter how many dates they go on, they feel no one is compatible.”

33% of Brits have wondered whether they will ever find the right partner, though they typically enter relationships every 3 years.

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