Lesbian Couple Who Met on Lesly Marry After Australia Law Change

The Australian government conducted a survey in 2017 and asked every Australian citizen whether they think it is okay for gay and lesbian couples to get married.

With the result coming back positive, Australia recently changed its law to allow gay and lesbian couples to get married.

This meant a lesbian couple who met on Lesly, the world’s pioneering lesbian dating app, were finally able to marry in the country.

The couple, Kylie P. and Michelle K., tied the knot in Sydney on 10th January, 2018.

Lesly’s co-founder Vivian A. sent the lesbian couple two Swarovski crystalline red wine glasses as a wedding gift.

Vivian said: “Last month, we received a letter from Kylie and Michelle, saying that they have decided to get married in Australia in January 2018. That’s really good news, so on behalf of the entire Lesly team, I’d like to congratulate Kylie and Michelle because in our database, they are the first lesbian couple who got married in Australia! That’s why I sent them a wedding present.”

Kylie and Michelle were considering moving to the U.S as they didn’t think Australia would change its law.

The couple were touched with the wedding gift from Vivian, and said: “We know Lesly was very happy to receive our letter, but we didn’t really expect them to send us such a perfect gift for our wedding. Lesly certainly has a lovely team,” says Kylie, “I’m very grateful for Lesly because this app introduced the love of my life to me. Now Michelle and I are happily married!”

Kylie added: “Every year, the Australian government received thousands of letters that ask the government to change the law so that gay and lesbian couples can get married in this country. We are very lucky because we live in a time when lesbian couples can get married in Australia.”

Lesly is available to lesbian and bisexual women over the age of 18.

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