Bumble Adds ‘Sober’ Badge For Singles Who Never Drink

Bumble is introducing a new ‘Sober’ badge for ‘National Sober Day’, allowing users to celebrate their drinking preferences and sobriety on their dating profiles.

The app has asked users about substance intake before, but the options for drinking and smoking have just been ‘Frequently’, ‘Socially’, and ‘Never’. However, it’s been decided that these options were not completely representatives of the community.

Charlotte Brown, Bumble’s DEI Engagement Manager, told Bustle: “Folks who never drink are not necessarily sober.

“With that in mind, and given how many people have reevaluated their relationship with alcohol as we navigate the pandemic, it felt important for Bumble to give our sober community an easy option to share that.”

According to a Bumble survey, 47% of respondents who do consume alcohol are open to dating someone sober.

Another 29% believe that the trend of going for a drink on a first date is changing, with matches instead opting for other activities like getting a coffee, taking a walk or going bowling.

Bumble has introduced several badges throughout the pandemic to help singles easily show off their dating preferences. This includes whether or not they want to have virtual dates or their opinions about vaccines.

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