Bumble Employees Support Domestic Violence Hotline

Employees from Bumble Inc. are training to respond to domestic violence hotline calls as part of a new initiative. Staff members from the online dating company will receive paid time off to support the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

A report from CBS Austin explains that Bumble Inc. employees are expected to start responding to ‘non crisis’ inbound calls directed to the hotline in 2023.

“If we help respond to non crisis inbounds, then the team at the hotline can truly pivot and focus on just the crisis incoming calls”, explained Heather Venard, director of social impact and sustainability at Bumble.

“So, it’s this idea of how do we really help them focus their workload where their staff needs to be the most”, she added.

This isn’t the first time Bumble and the hotline have collaborated. In 2020, as domestic violence rates were rising, the dating company donated USD $100,000 to the non profit.

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