Bumble Partners With Safetipin For Indian Promotion

Bumble teamed up with crowd-sourcing platform Safetipin to raise money and help protect women in public places in India.

Yesterday, for every match made in the country across the social app’s three modes, Bumble pledged to donate up to a total of $15,000.

Safetipin is an app that is designed for users to check how safe locations are, based on feedback from other members. It can also be used as a personal GPS tracker for people who are out by themselves, or on a first date, to easily send alarms if a problem arises.

The company is beginning to work with local taxi services to take pictures of the city at night and collect more data on a large scale.

Founder of Safetipin Kalpana Vishwanath said to YourStory: “Both Bumble and Safetipin’s goals have always been to empower women, and this new initiative takes it one step further by allowing women the opportunity to be change-makers in their daily lives. 

“We’re excited to see how the donation from Bumble will help us map out cities to provide more women in India with information and education around safety in areas around them.”

The app is currently only available in New Delhi but there are plans to use part of the donation to enter a couple of new cities in order to expand awareness.

Bumble’s VP of Strategy Prithi Joshi added that she is excited to “identify a secure and empowered environment for Bumble users in real life.”

The social app ran a major marketing campaign at the start of August to mark ‘National Friendship Day’ and encourage women to use the BFF mode to find new relationships.

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