Bumble Raises $28,747 For Planned Parenthood With Instagram Campaign

Bumble planned parenthood

Dating startup Bumble has raised $28,747 for Planned Parenthood with a new Instagram campaign.

Last Friday, Bumble posted an image on Instagram that said: “For every like this post gets, Bumble will donate a dollar to Planned Parenthood.”

The post notched over 28,000 likes before the campaign ended at 3pm EST on Friday, but has now seen over 95,000 likes on the photo-sharing platform.

In a message attached to the picture, Bumble said: “This isn’t a political post. Our team is a mixing pot, some of us are republicans, some are democrats, some are independents, and some aren’t even from America, but every single one knows how important it is for women to have safe and affordable healthcare. At the end of the day, women’s rights are fundamental human rights.”

The dating app also said it decided to include donations on behalf of every person who “decided to bash” the idea, because the “naysayers inspired us to send more support to women”.

The idea was apparently inspired by the mention of late-term abortion in last week’s Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

And the female-focused dating company said it will post the check on Instagram’s new Stories feature to show they aren’t “playing around” when it comes to women’s issues.

Check out the blog post here.

Simon Edmunds

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