Bumble’s Super Bowl Ad Ranks Bottom of 62 for Emotional Impact

An analysis of Super Bowl LIII commercials by Realeyes Emotional Intelligence has placed Bumble’s campaign featuring Serena Williams bottom of 62 brand ads.

A sample from the US general population was asked to watch Super Bowl ads while streaming their reactions live on webcam. Facial recognition technology was applied to assess the extent to which each advert elicited an emotional response.

Two measures were combined to generate the ranking. The first is a composite measure labelled EmotionAll Score, and the second is Realeyes’ Attention metric.

The EmotionAll Score takes into account “Attraction” (20%), “Retention” (30%), “Engagement” (20%) and “Impact” (30%).

Attraction is “the peak in surprise within the first 8 seconds of viewing”. Retention “represents how well the video maintains the attention of its audience”. Engagement concerns “the overall emotional reaction to the video”, while Impact is “the average of the peak happiness value and the end happiness value”.

The Attention metric concerns the volume of attention – the proportion of participants who paid attention to the video, and the quality of attention – how long the average participant paid attention for.

Bumble scored 9.7 out of 10 on the Attention measures – one of the best results from all 62 adverts. Here, it was only surpassed by Sketchers, Bubly and Bud Light.

It fared poorly on the EmotionAll measure, however, landing a score of 5/10. It was the only brand to score below 6/10.

Combined, the two scores placed Bumble bottom with an overall score of 5.89/10.

Tina Gaffney, head of customer success at Realeyes, said: “Bumble scored high in attention due to the celebrity [aspect] but the celebrity did not necessarily connect viewers to the brand resulting in a lower emotional connection to the storyline.”

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Scott Harvey

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