Business Insider Meets Ashley Madison Users

Business Insider has been investigating the Ashley Madison community to try and gain some insight into why the infidelity dating platform has proven so popular.

The research was prompted by Ashley Madison publishing its 2018 end-of-year report, wherein it revealed that 5.3 million new accounts were created in the past 12 months. The total number of members now exceeds 60 million.

Ashley Madison representatives insist that monogamy is simply not in humanity’s DNA. Chief Strategy Officer Paul Keable told Business Insider: “People have realized that marriage might not be the fairy tale they were sold, but divorce doesn’t necessarily make sense to them either. It’s costly, but more importantly, it doesn’t solve their problem.

“The idea that you have to have every single need met by one person is wildly unrealistic yet it is the very expectation we place on modern marriage. Relationships are complex. We make it our mission every day to understand and reveal the true nature of infidelity – a subject still steeped in misconception.”

One user, referred to as John, explained that he uses the platform to meet women who he can flirt with; something he felt was missing from his marriage. He doesn’t like to talk about his wife or his children when he’s on a date, and does admit to feeling guilty when he gets home.

Ashley Madison claims that for every one paid male profile there are 1.11 female profiles. It recently released a new television advert featuring positive testimonials from four female members.

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