Chispa Releases Study on Latino Gen Z Singles

Chispa, the dating app for US-based Latinx, has released the findings of a study on the community’s Gen Z singles. It looks at how this group sees the future of America, the current dating landscape, and changing traditional values.

The Latinx in College study revealed 72% of Hispanic Gen Z college students have met someone online, while females in the community are 3 times more likely to meet someone on an app than they are in church.

When it comes to changing values, 74% of young Hispanic singles believe that marriage can include homosexual partners. Additionally, 81% of females in this group do not believe they should have to wait to have sex after marriage. 

After the repeal of Roe V. Wade in 2022, 35% of respondents said they are having less casual sex, with 66% of Hispanic Gen Z students saying they are worried they won’t have access to reproductive services in the future.

This ultimately means that around 72% of Hispanic Gen Zs are unsure about the direction that the USA is heading in, with almost 70% of female respondents saying they feel the country is going backwards.

Mental health issues and inflation are the top sources of stress, Hispanic Gen Z students reported. 75% of the group said that they are now more prudent with their spending, with 69% saying they now eat at home more often.

The survey was conducted towards the end of 2022, with Chispa speaking with 400 Hispanic college students.