Cupid Media’s International Dating Websites Covered by GQ

GQ has profiled Cupid Media’s portfolio of international dating platforms after they were featured on reality television show 90 Day Fiance.

The show follows new couples, an American and a foreigner, as they attempt to get married before the three-month K-1 visa runs out. 

The couples usually meet on websites such as ColombianCupid and KoreanCupid, which GQ has labelled “bizarre” and “sketchy”.

Cupid Media assures users its platforms should not be compared to ‘mail-order-bride’ services, and that all of its members are online to find love.

It explains that the purpose of the websites is to help people who are bored of dating within their immediate vicinity and are looking for something different. 

Cupid Media isn’t advertised as being a fetish site umbrella, but it doesn’t stop singles from using the services to fulfil such desires, so long as they do so respectfully.

Joshua Goldstein, an immigration lawyer in the US, told GQ that he is sceptical about online dating platforms that are solely dedicated to international relationships.

He works with couples to help them through the rigorous legal process of obtaining a green card through marriage. They need to prove that their relationship is legitimate by answering a huge amount of personal questions about their partner.

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Dominic Whitlock

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