Dating and Online Platforms Make The Most of ‘Staying In’

Online platforms have had to introduce new features during the last six months to allow people to make the most of staying in. 

2020 has been an unprecedented year for all industries, locking many of us away from our work and loved ones. Online social networks and dating sites have had to take steps to introduce new technologies, features, and ways that users can interact with each other in a virtual format. 

The introduction of new features and technologies have led to a significant rise in updates, services, upgrades, and uptake of new technology. 

Dating apps, such as Tinder, Bumble and Hinge, are heavily reliant on users making a physical connection with each other, meeting in person to solidify their relationship ‘offline’. Many platforms have had to integrate virtual meets and video dating into their features, allowing users to continue dating during lockdown. 

Video dating has become the top feature to be implemented on platforms that facilitate matchmaking during lockdown.

In terms of wider social platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, there have also been advancements in virtual technologies. 

Facebook has introduced a number of new features, including ‘Facebook Campus’, a college student-only social network, ‘Watch together’, a group viewing platform on Facebook Messenger to watch videos as a group, as well as introducing ‘Messenger Rooms’.

Discussing the introduction of Facebook Campus, Charmaine Hung, product manager of Facebook Campus, said: “We wanted to create a product where it would be easy for classmates to meet each other, foster new relationships and easily start conversations. 

“We think Campus is more relevant than ever right now. With Covid-19, we see that many students aren’t returning to their campus in the fall. Classes are being held online and students are trying to react to this new normal.”

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