Integrates Livestreaming into Website has introduced public livestreaming for all of its members, to give them an opportunity to connect with a larger number of singles.

The free one-to-many broadcasting service will have features like a chat box, viewer counter and virtual gifts.

Group streaming and co-streaming will also be available to increase interaction, introduce speed-dating scenarios and host live talent competitions.

Co-streaming will give a pair of users the chance to connect and maybe form a new relationship in front of a real-time audience.

A spokesperson for said in a statement: “The benefits of live streaming were ideal for the online dating environment, as the upgraded technology helps people relax, be themselves and communicate with a large number of potential matches.

“The live streaming upgrade is perfect for online dating as it gives singles a fast and direct understanding of how another member interacts with people, what interests they have, how they look, and who they are most compatible with.”

At the moment livestreaming is only available on the desktop version of, but there are plans to move it onto Apple and Android devices in the very near future.

The decision from to get involved in streaming is a part of trend that is beginning to emerge within the online dating industry. GDI investigated if the next generation of singles will be more likely to swipe or stream when looking for love.

Livestreaming has been available on The Meet Group’s dating sites for over a year now. Last week, the company announced that it had 900,000 daily active users across all of its broadcasting platforms.

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