Developer Working on New Dating App For Tesla Owners

An independent developer is in the process of launching a new dating app specifically for singles that own Teslas.

‘Tesla Dating’ is the work of Ajitpal Grewal, a self-described “ecommerce entrepreneur” living in Canada. He decided to create the app after realising Tesla owners only love talking about their cars.

Grewal told Business Insider: “It became a big part of their identity, and they shared a lot of the same values, like wanting to reduce their impact on the environment, stanning Elon Musk, or appreciating high tech. Suddenly it hit me, these people would be perfect for each other.”

Tesla Dating is still in the early stages of development, but a website has been launched where interested users can sign up for early access. The website has so far seen just over 160 registrants since it went live on Wednesday.

Users will be able to specify their car’s model and configuration, and sort potential matches by those whose car characteristics most closely align with theirs. They do have to prove that they own a Tesla before gaining full access to the app.

The Tesla Dating website does specify that it is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Tesla.

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