Dig and Tabby Users Get Access to Background Checks Through RealMe Partnership

Dig and Tabby, the viral online dating apps for dog and cat lovers, have partnered with RealMe to improve user security.

Members of both platforms will be able to view background information and reputation details about their matches before they go on offline dates. This will help them identify any potential red flags and block them if they feel unsafe.

RealMe’s database contains over 275 million Reputation Profiles for US citizens, which will help Dig and Tabby members verify the identity other users and instantly see their criminal records and sex offender status.

Leigh D’Angelo, CEO of Dig and Tabby, explained in the press release: “Dig and Tabby are building relationships so pets and pet-lovers can live healthier, longer, and more joyous lives together.

“You can’t start that relationship without trust. Giving our members the tools they need to ensure a safe, compatible, reliable dating experience is key to our entire success – and to the happiness of all dogs, cats, and humans involved.”

RealMe Founder and CEO Jeff Tinsley added: “We now know, thanks to consumer feedback, safety and security will be the number one priority for the online dating industry, according to a recent study conducted by RealMe and Global Dating Insights. 

“Dig and Tabby is leading the way as one of the early adopters of RealMe’s comprehensive safety and security solution.”

RealMe has partnered with Mingle2 and M14 Industries in the past few months as it works to improve safety and security measures across the sector.

Visit the RealMe website here.

Dominic Whitlock

Dominic is the Editor for Global Dating Insights. Originally from Devon, England he achieved a BA in English Language & Linguistics from The University of Reading. He enjoys a variety of sports and has a further passion for film and music.

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