Dinner Date App Dine Offers Free Matchmaking To Help Users Find A Valentine


Dine, the app that connects singles together for dinner dates, has turned to matchmaking ahead of Valentine’s Day to help users find a date for the special day.

Launched in March last year, the app normally introduces users to new members (and their favourite food spots) every day.

Singles can then ask people out on a date, an in-app conversation opening up between the two users if the request is accepted, so they can organise the date.

But with Valentine’s Day fast-approaching, Dine has now decided to step into the world of matchmaking, offering a free tailored matching service to new users.

Singles can now register for free and let the people at Dine find them a Valentine, based on the preferences they input.

The Dine team will completely take care of the date-finding process, even making reservations on their behalf and calling both parties to let them know when and where the date will be.


Michael Tudda, Marketing Director of Dine, said: “All this technology and sophisticated matchmaking algorithms and yet, many people will still be dateless this year on Valentine’s day.

“I think a lot of single people would like to go on a V-Day date if the opportunity was presented.

“Therefore, just for the occasion, we decided that we would streamline the process for anyone who is interested in going on a first date this V-Day.

“We know from industry data that dating app usage significantly spikes the week before V-Day which tells us that many people feel the pressure and are actively searching for their V-Day dates this time of the year.

“We thought it would be fun and extremely effective for making first dates actually happen if we just skipped over the tech and went to handpicking matches for people eager to date.

“Sure, we will have to work some overtime but if we can make more dates happen this V-Day, that would make us really happy!”

Dine said that within a few hours of launching the matchmaking service, the service was inundated with over 100 requests from singles looking to find a date this Valentine’s Day.

The app has also created a new profile icon that users can display to let other singles know they want to meet up on the 14th February.

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