Disgruntled Online Dating Employees Start AI Chatbot

A group claiming to be ex-Tinder employees have built an AI chatbot that will swipe and chat on dating apps on behalf of users. The group says this project will help support the average man, who they feel faces disadvantages in the current online dating space.

Currently in its Beta stage, CupidBot promises to learn a user’s type and swipe on dating app accordingly, even then chatting with matches to secure a date. Essentially, it will enable men to find several dates a week while doing nothing, its website explains.

“We focus on the dating lives of straight men because they suffer most from dating apps. It takes immense time for the average man to scrape together even one date a month”, a CupidBot spokesperson told Vice.

The project is controversial as the supposed ex-Tinder employees felt that their former employee was profiting from online dating failures. They claim Tinder is designed for continued engagement, not dating success for the average man.

“Given the real psychological impact that success in dating, or lack thereof, has on youths, and young men in particular, Tinder’s modus operandi is of net social detriment”, the spokesperson added.

The founders of CupidBot have not provided proof they are ex-Tinder employees, and do not want to publicise their identities due to the “ethical considerations involved” in the platform.