Watch Live: Match Group v Muzmatch Appeal Hearing

The Match Group v Muzmatch appeal hearing will conclude this week on Wednesday 22nd of March starting from 10:30am GMT. The hearing will be broadcast live and will conclude the trademark infringement saga that led the Muslim dating app changing its name.

You can find the links to the livestream on the UK Judiciary website here. 

Legal proceedings began in 2022, when Match Group accused Muzz (known as Muzmatch at the time) of “free-riding” off its reputation. It argued that the Muslim dating app had replicated certain aesthetic features, which caused users to confuse the two services.

Match Group won this first hearing, leading to Muzmatch changing its name to Muzz. However, the UK-based dating platform still believed that the use of the word “match” could be done fairly, and that this was Match Group’s attempt to eliminate some of its online dating competition.

Consequently, Muzmatch began an appeal hearing, which will conclude this Wednesday.

To find out more about the legal proceedings of the Match Group v Muzmatch case, listen to our podcast with Shahzad Younas, CEO and Founder of Muzz.