New Safety Warnings Over AI Innovation

Julie Inman-Grant, Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, has shared her perspective on the development of AI and the impact it may have on internet safety. She warns that new innovations are not adhering to the principles of ‘safety by design’.

Her comments come regarding a New York Times column entitled ‘This Changes Everything’. The article warns that AI innovation is happening at breakneck speed, but without technologists fully considering the potentially harmful impact these tools can have.

The article writes “One of two things must happen. Humanity needs to accelerate its adaptation to these technologies or a collective, enforceable decision must be made to slow the development of these technologies. Even doing both may not be enough”.

Inman – Grant picks out the article’s message on slowing down development, asking “Why do we NOT learn the lessons from Web 1 & 2 and mindfully assess risk & mitigate against the very likely potential of misuse & harm as we release these new technologies?”, in a recent LinkedIn post.

“We are back to ‘moving fast and breaking things’ rather than taking a human-centred #safetybydesign approach. Even in this first quarter of 2023, we’ve seen no evidence that any ‘digital guardrails’ have been embedded before powerful AI tools have been unleashed”, she continued.

“It’s all well and good to have responsible AI ethics principles in place but they are useless if not applied”, she concluded.

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