Drug Dealers Using Grindr to Target Buyers


The amount of drug use and dealing on Grindr has increased “exponentially” over the last few years, according to a report from NBC News.

A number of Grindr members have admitted to trying to sell drugs on the app. Other consumers have revealed that they get offered substances on a daily basis.

There are secret codes on the app, such as the use of a capital ‘T’ in the middle of a word, which show that a person is trying to deal.

Mike, a dealer from New York, told NBC News: “It gives me more clientele than I would normally get on the street.

“On Grindr, there’s no such thing as censorship. It doesn’t seem like Grindr’s policies enforce suspensions or permanent bans.

“I had my profile flagged twice, but nothing ever happened. I just received a warning that my account would be deleted, which never happened.”

Grindr has been criticised for its lenient policies in the past and has previously tried to remove drug dealing from its platform.

A spokesperson for Grindr assured NBC News: “Grindr prohibits the promotion of drug use in its user profiles and is committed to creating a safe environment through digital and human screening tools to help its users connect and thrive.”

A judge in Ireland recently called on the dating app to be stricter on profiles that break terms and conditions, and deactivate any offending accounts.

Grindr is planning to release a campaign titled Kindr, which will likely be aimed at making the Grindr community a safer place.

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Dominic Whitlock

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