eharmony Partners with Redis Enterprise to Reduce Overheads


A new partnership between eharmony and Redis Enterprise will see the dating site look to reduce its overheads via the integration of new technology.

Redis will be applied in a range of areas, “from real-time user authentication and analytics, to supporting low latency match searches, powering news feeds and profile data.”

Legacy data storage provided by the ‘Voldemort’ system reportedly struggled with presenting relevant matches to singles in real time. In part, this was due to the complexity of a bi-directional recommendation engine that takes into account two sets of preferences simultaneously (in contract to Amazon or Netflix, for example).

The legacy system also had issues relating to key size and coping with the sheer number of users.

“Redis’ flexible data structures are game changers for our real-time database operations” said Prateek Jain, VP and Head of Technology at eharmony.

“Rather than generating hundreds of keys concatenated by user ID, time of day and so on, we can use the Hash data structure to greatly simplify the storage of user activity.”

Jain added: “Our previous data store, Voldemort, had become too much of an operational burden for the eharmony team.

“The automated management features that come with Redis Enterprise, along with the accompanying 24/7 support from Redis Labs experts, provide the low-touch yet incredibly robust technology platform we were looking for.”

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