eharmony Recruiting New Marketers To Improve Social Media As Channel

eharmony has spoken about new plans to fully harness social media to help grow the online dating brand.

Speaking to Digiday, eharmony CEO Grant Langston said the company is recruiting marketers who can “help us get more from paid social, more from content and more from digital video.”

The CEO said: “We have all these [search, display, affiliate and social] functions, but we want to bring in fresh perspectives and try new tricks.”

Langston revealed that the lifestyle content it publishes on Facebook is one of the company’s best-performing tools, a inclining that we might see this particular content strategy expanded in coming months.

And the CEO, who was previously CMO of eharmony, is now looking to expand its marketing team to help the company compete with rivals like Tinder and Bumble on social.

Earlier this year, eharmony released a new logo, and gave further information about its plans to inject humour-type matching into its platform.

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