eHarmony Reveals Brand New Logo


eHarmony has revealed its brand new logo.

The release coincides with its 17th anniversary, and features the eHarmony name in lower case and a multicoloured quilted patchwork heart symbol.

Speaking about the new design, eHarmony said: “Today, eharmony reveals a redesign of its logo and it’s making a case for lowercase.

“The way we find love has changed dramatically in the last 20 years and the new visual identity reflects that evolution, as a forward-thinking, human-centered relationship company.

“Staying true to its core, the brand name is written in a font that is warm. A dynamic heart shines above it, illustrating the insights, expertise, and experience we bring to creating compatible relationships.

“Together, they combine to represent the value we help create—love and science work better together.”

In a post on the company’s official blog, eHarmony provided a timeline of the various incarnations of its logo over the brand’s 17 year history.

Check it out here.