EU Lawmaker Calls For Investigation Into Tinder’s Data Usage

Tinder Data Usage
A member of the European Parliament has called for an investigation into Tinder over concerns it is breaking EU law around data usage.

Belgian socialist and MEP Marc Tarabella voiced his concerns in a statement he posted on his Facebook page.

Tarabella said: “Once you subscribe, the company can do whatever it wants with your data. It can show it, distribute it to whomever, or even modify it. The lack of transparency cannot be the rule.

“We therefore request to open an investigation and for Tinder to comply with the law and respect the rights of its millions of users.”

His argument is particularly concerned with how Tinder stores and reuses customer data, even after an account has been deactivated.

The MEP also called for an investigation into fellow dating service Happn and fitness app Runkeeper over similar concerns.

The Belgian politician is a substitute on the EU’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, and was among a group of MEPs calling for a break-up of Google’s search engine from its commercial services in 2014.

In May, Tinder came under fire from the Norwegian Consumer Council over claims that its terms and conditions breached European law.

The organisation said Tinder had “unbalanced and unfair” terms that gave the dating app control over the content its users upload.

Although Tinder has not responded to Tarabella’s claims yet, regarding the NCC’s allegations, the company said: “If and when authorities bring up larger privacy concerns, we always take them into consideration and, if applicable to our users, take steps to implement any necessary changes. We are committed to protecting our users’ privacy and strive to uphold a fair and trusted privacy policy.”

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