Facebook Groups as New Dating Communities

Facebook groups are often associated with day-to-day communities, whether it’s a fan page for a popular film or a group of avid bird-watchers. But groups on the site are taking on a new responsibility: helping singles find love.

After joining a dedicated dating group, members will either post a picture and bio of themselves or of a single friend, and then wait to hear back. One example of these groups, Date Him New York, serves a growing community of 2,000 members since being formed in August, reports Fast Company.

Caitlin Cooper, a dating expert who founded the group, says “this is the new reality of people looking for a vetted, vouched person”. 

“The best daters are the ones that don’t have an ego about it and will throw themselves into anything. The people that say yes with no expectations are the ones that do very well”, she told Fast Company.

Dana, a member of dating Facebook groups, explained why she appreciates this new platform for finding connections, saying “it does provide a little more comfort mentally when someone provides character references and actually knows the person well enough to vouch for them”.

While members of these groups haven’t totally abandoned popular dating apps, they are experiencing burnout. “The main issue with dating apps to me is the lack of follow-through and the general opinion that if you are on a dating app you have many options and you are not looking for anything serious”, Dana explains.

 “As much as people complain about the apps, it seems there aren’t many other options for such instant access to singles,” says Cooper.

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