Facebook To Remove Chat From Mobile Web App

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Facebook has announced it will be removing the chat function from its mobile web app, as the company continues its efforts to increase the number of people using Messenger.

Over the past few weeks, the leading social network has been notifying users on Android devices about the upcoming change, sending them each a message which reads: “Your conversations are moving to Messenger.

“Soon you’ll only be able to view your messages from Messenger.”

At the moment, users are able to dismiss the message and continue their conversations through the web application.

However, in the coming weeks, the network’s mobile web chat will be disabled permanently, encouraging users to download Messenger in order to retrieve messages and continue conversations with their Facebook friends.

According to TechCrunch, the company’s decision to remove chat from its mobile web platform was driven by its want to provide users with the best possible experience in messaging – a goal it believes can be achieved through Messenger.

Facebook Messenger

The company has also said the move is an extension of its 2014 Messenger policy, a policy which previously led the company to remove the option to access messages from the official Facebook app.

Launched back in April 2014, Facebook’s Messenger app offers a range of features not available on its other chat interfaces, such as video sharing, stickers, and the ability to send GIFs.

Since its launch, the company has attempted to push users towards the application, by phasing out its chat option from its other platforms, and even making Messenger globally available to anyone who doesn’t have a Facebook account.

Some users have however expressed their concerns over transferring their conversations over to the app, with many identifying privacy as a main worry.

In a statement made to the BBC, Facebook said the the messaging app currently has 900m users worldwide.