First Strips Away Messaging, Making Online Dating More Like Uber

First Dating App

Following the closure of Rendeevoo last year, a new dating app is taking a swing at removing the messaging aspect of online dating and focusing on the offline date.

First is a new mobile product that lets singles go on dates that have been posted by other users.

If you are posting a date, the app lets you choose from a selection of date options, including food, drinks, movie, outdoor or event.

After picking a category, you enter a date location and a time, then click to post it on the platform’s feed.

First also allows you to stipulate who will pay – offering three options: Their Treat, Your Treat, 50/50.

Those searching for a date can then sort by these different payment categories.

First Dating app

As the press release states: “Feel like being taken out to lunch? How about treating someone to a movie? Post a date you want to go on, pick a winner from those who are interested, and meet up. Or, browse your feed for open dates you might be into.”

After those browsing have registered their interest in a date, the date poster gets to choose who to take, and can provide any useful directions or instructions on where to meet.

The app wants to ensure its users take the dates seriously, and employs a “No Flakes” policy – banning users who don’t show up to two dates.

Interestingly, First also allows users to rate one another post-date, but this is not a public rating, instead something used by the app to make sure people are acting responsibly.

Another feature is that if you go on a few successful dates, you are given a “verified” status on the app, so other users know you are likely to turn up.

First follows in the footsteps of London startup Rendeevoo, which also turned towards service-based lead of on-demand apps like Uber by removing messaging and let singles “order” a date.

Another recently-released app doing something similar is Pitchit, a UK dating product that lets singles pitch date ideas, but this product does have some messaging elements.

First was created by 25-year-old Cal State Channel Islands graduate Truman Kain from LA, and has launched across the US this week.

Check it out here.