This SEO Webinar Will Look At How To Overcome Your Ranking Issues



On June 21st, Search Engine Journal is presenting a webinar on overcoming SEO-related problems with your website.

Called “Making SEO Lemonade: Moving the Needle on Missed Opportunities”, the webinar will feature the President of Back Azimuth Consulting, Bill Hunt and will be moderated by the founder of Search Engine Journal Loren Baker.

The webinar will see Hunt tackle issues such as: “How to understand the dynamics of SEO through recognition of missed opportunities, improvement of KPIs, and realization of maximum profitability.”

The main topics will include:

  • How to understand the importance of indexability
  • How to recognize searcher intent as a critical factor to success
  • How to maximize clickability to increase revenue

It will broadcast on Wednesday, 21st June 21st at 2PM Eastern (6pm GMT), and you can sign up here.