flutrr Among Forbes India Top 100 Startups

Forbes India has published a list of the top 100 startups in India, highlighting the country’s up and coming innovators and entrepreneurs. Dating app flutrr, which provides a multilingual and inclusive service, is listed among these exciting brands.

A jury of investors and VCs came together to select the top 100 startups in India, shining a spotlight on business leaders who are “who are using technologies of tomorrow to solve today’s challenges”.

Making it onto the list is flutrr, an Indian dating app that looks to serve the singles found in India’s remote and more rural areas. 

The platform is available in many of the dialects and languages found in the Indian subcontinent, allowing for singles outside of English-speaking communities to start dating online in a new way.

It has also adopted many privacy and security focused features to provide a safer experience for female daters. This includes Private Mode Messaging tools, the option for blurred video chatting, and filters for profanity and inappropriate images.

flutrr is gaining national attention, attracting investment from The Times of India Group, which publishes the country’s most-read English newspaper. It is set to reach 1 million active users by March 2024.

To find out more about flutrr, listen to this episode of The GDI Podcast where Anirban & Kaushik Banerjee, Co-Founders of flutrr, share more about the platform’s innovative features.

Click here to visit flutrr’s website.

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