Friendable Announces Initial Mobile Marketing Results

Friendable has announced the initial results of its mobile marketing campaign ‘Everything Starts with Friendship

The testing began midway through March 18, and its initial testing phase of approximately 30-days was recently completed.

It included various design creatives, friend-based messaging, video and interstitial ads, and generally focused on highlighting friendship with the app’s ‘Peer to Peer’ video and audio capabilities.

Following the release of the new Friendable app at the start of the year, iOS downloads increased by 905% and Google Play downloads increased by 2,590%.

Friendable now sees an upward trend building with machine learning metrics providing the building blocks to grow downloads and monthly subscribers.

CEO of Friendable Robert Rositano said in a statement: “The Friendable team is very pleased to see our numbers climb following this initial advertising push.

“We have felt our messaging was going to be a strong source of new users due to the enormity of the market, and because it was absolutely the right time to take all the labels off of online dating; bringing it back to ‘Everything starts with Friendship’.

“As the company continues with our May 2020 release of our second mobile application, ‘Fan Pass’, we will monitor our progress and update our shareholders on new developments and metrics, as these are essential in building an active community around the Friendable brand.”

Visit the Friendable website here.

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