GDI and Hinge Appear on Spectrum Safety Webinar

Global Dating Insights Founder Simon Corbett and Lucia Stacey, VP of Community at Hinge, have appeared on a webinar with moderation experts Spectrum Labs on the topic of dating safety.

The discussion, moderated by Spectrum’s Katie Zigelman, opened on the topic of a healthy user population. 

Stacey argued that reporting isn’t always a great proxy for the health of conversation as it’s common for users to block rather than report in cases of harassment. 

To try and improve the data on Hinge’s back end, different options for unmatching and blocking were added. 

Speaking on moderation, she added that the human decision makers working to keep singles safe have a difficult, but rewarding, set of responsibilities. 

At Hinge, moderators are New York-based and have access to the office, as well as mental health services.

Simon Corbett said technology can help to push out bad actors. A major European dating app, speaking to GDI, revealed that it looks at atypical behaviour from female profiles as a way to identify scammers. 

The majority of straight females will show interest in 30% of male profiles or under, so anyone liking 90% or above may well be a scammer.

The discussion closed with recommendations for dating companies. Hinge’s speaker urged executives not to compromise safety with a view to growth, as it’s easy for a site to be overrun by trolls and scammers.

Visit the Spectrum website here.