GDI Meets David Minns, Founder of GDI Spotlight Winner ooOo For Latest Video Interview

David Minns

David Minns has established himself as one of the industry’s most exciting new entrepreneurs since landing on the scene a few years ago.

The entrepreneur has built his bootstrapped dating business, dm³ LTD, to house Platform Dating’s private white label web-based portfolio and new gamified mobile dating app ooOo.

In October 2016, ooOo was crowned the early stage winner at the first ever GDI Spotlight competition, impressing the judges and voters with its unique gamified concept and heavyweight security features.

Before the Spotlight event, we sat down with Minns to talk about his work in the dating industry, how new product ooOo offers something different for today’s consumers, and why creating a lean & agile business is vital for someone entering the dating market late in the game.

Check out the full interview below: